Meet Me at the Cafeteria

Ikea has always been a place where I felt entirely in my element. I found the fake bedroom and kitchen layouts so comforting to roam in, and don’t even get me started on the marketplace. Even as a kid going with my parents, I was eager to stroll through the aisles taking my pick of napkins and replacement garbage pales. Last night was an Ikea excursion night: needed new frying pans, storage boxes, a lemon juicer, etc. Of course once we bought what we needed and started planning our dinner arrangements, we got a whiff of what could only be the famous Swedish meatballs wafting from the cafeteria. How could we resist…what are we? Made of STONE? As a side note, I allow myself to eat red meat (if these can be considered red meat) once a month, so I figured this was an appropriate time to use that privilege.

To be honest, it was an all around enjoyable meal…not the best meatballs ever but pretty damn tasty mashed potatoes and Caesar salad, plus, where else could you get lingonberry juice with free refills? It was well worth the $13.26! Having an on-site restaurant is kind of the most genius idea Ikea has had (other than the Expedit shelving unit maybe)…who isn’t hungry after shopping for candles and throw pillows?? It also beats the traditional Big Mac meal Genna and I used to have after shopping for monochrome bedroom decorations in college.

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